Who is in charge of Attendance?

Ms. Lauren handles daily attendance and communication with schools.  Please see her in the office anytime you know you will be out and to hand in any documentation.  

Mrs. Morris will be coming around to classes and meeting with students when they hit 3 absences to make them aware.  Once you are over 5 she will be around to have you sign the loss of credit and make a plan for recovery.  

At any time, you can request a meeting with Mr. Rothenberg to discuss an extenuating circumstance that will have you missing class.  

The best thing you can do is to stay in communication with your teacher and the office about your attendance.  If you are not here and we do not hear from you, we can not help you.

If you are unsure, please come ask in the office ahead of time and we will let you know.

What doesn't count?

  • Field Trips
  • Approved In School Activities at your school
  • Testing days
  • Mandatory assemblies
  • If “optional” check with kate
  • <30 mins late to class
  • Suspensions
  • Bereavement (2 days) - immediate family
  • Surgical procedure (2 days) (e.g. wisdom teeth)
  • College Visits with documentation (4 over 2 years, maximum of 2 per semester)

CRTC Attendance Policy 

Lauren Vessels-
​Daily Attendance

We do not use “excused or unexcused”. Absences either count or don’t count towards your 5 days each semester.

What counts?

  • Doctor and Dentist appts
  • ​Court
  • Home sick
  • >30 mins late to class
  • Miss bus from your school
  • Vacations
  • Cut class

Sheila Morris -
​Attendance Enforcer

What happens if I go over?
Once a student goes over 5 days they owe 1.5 hours of time outside the classroom for every hour they are over. 
Example: 7 absences semester one = 3 hours outside makeup
Once over the 5 days students will lose their CRTC credits 

​Complete a YELLOW plan Meet 1:1 with your instructor to create a plan to make up your owed hours. Set a due date

Complete all work by the due date and submit to your teacher for approval

If you go over your hours again, or do not complete your plan you will then have to meet with CRTC director Steve Rothenberg to request your credits back.