Construction Technology Shop

The mission of the CRTC Construction Technology Program is to prepare students to be successful in many careers aligned to the construction industry.

Students focus upon technical skills related to the industry as well as developing the interpersonal traits related to workplace preparedness and successful job performance. Students are assessed on their ability to demonstrate competencies and habits of mind which are outcomes established by both educational and industry experts.

An outside job MUST fit into our curriculum, our goals, and current processes. We don’t assume jobs where a clear understanding between the school and customer is not established beforehand. Ultimately a work site is an extension of our school.

Past Jobs and details:
Built a 32'x40' garage at site in Hopkinton. Our students did the framing, roofing, siding and installed windows. The contractor did the site work, foundation, trusses, and installed the garage doors. The job took an entire school year. 
Built an addition consisting of a garage and attic on to a home in Bow.
Construct sheds and outdoor gazebos in our shop and then deliver to homes placing on slabs or similar foundations.
Rebuilt porches and decks.

Priorities to be considered when assessing the viability of a job:

Each item is weighted on a 1 to 3 scale for the purpose of assessing its suitability as aligned to our program.

Skill and Scope:
Are the technical skills required to complete the job part of the curriculum?
Is the job sufficient enough to actively engage approximately 15 students at once? 
Does the job involve out-of-the-ordinary safety concerns?

The Job:
Is the finished product serving a non-profit or similar social institution (we prefer meeting a community need versus a private need)? 
Are all necessary applications and permitting completed (responsibility of customer)?
Is coordination necessary with other contractors? For example, laying down a foundation. The customer is responsible for this coordination and all related costs.

The Customer:
Does the customer understand the pace and constraints inherent in a job completed by interning high school students who are there for the primary purpose of learning? For example, our students complete a fraction of what is completed by a contractor on a typical day. For example, our instructor will not be able to serve the customer in the same fashion a contractor might.
Does the customer understand his/her responsibilities relative to the job including assuming the cost of all materials?
Does the customer understand his/her responsibility with site upkeep? For example, the customer assumes the cost keeping safe access to the site including snow and ice removal.

Distance and Time:
Is the job a short ride from Concord High School (given that aside from extra project time on weekends, students have 1.5 hours of class time per school day to intern)? 
Can the job be completed in three months or less (we prefer outside jobs that are not year-long and can be done in the fall or spring)?
Is there a specific deadline to the project or is the completion time flexible?
Can portions of the job be completed in the shop to make the most of student time by minimizing travel and providing opportunity to continue working during inclement weather?
Can the job be done in stages and not be fully completed by our students? And, if so, are there “natural” break points?

Process to request a job

Complete application below. Contact the Concord Regional Technical Center at 717-7654 or to schedule review.

Building Construction Project Request Form