Be Prepared To Stand Out

The 21st century economy requires all workers to commit to becoming lifelong learners who must continue to grow their skills and knowledge in order to be competitive in a constantly changing career landscape. Our mission at the CRTC is to prepare students to be successful in this environment by supporting the development of knowledge, skills, and abilities valued - and defined as correlating to success - by colleges, industry, and the military.

Our vision at the CRTC is to ensure that all our students are prepared to stand out.  We accomplish this by showing them how to take a strategic approach to their high school education, working with them to identify strengths, talents and potential career tracks, and collaborating with them to develop (and start) a personalized college and career plan.

As you graduate high school and engage with the wider world one of your main struggles will be to separate yourself from the crowd. What will it be about your experience and qualifications that will cause college admission counselors, employers, military recruiters or investors to stop and take notice of you?   Ultimately, will you have to be prepared to answer questions aligned to:

  • Why should we ACCEPT YOU to our 4-year, 2-year college or certificate program?   
  • Why should we HIRE YOU for a particular position or INDUCT YOU into the military?
  • Why should we PROMOTE YOU within our organization?
  • Why should we ELECT TO CONTRIBUTE our time and money to your education, training, or ideas?

We prepare CRTC students with a mix of modern classroom-based education, hands-on practical skills training and diverse problem solving experiences - offered in a truly career-minded culture -  that provides them the evidence to answer these types of tough questions.  We also put extensive effort into developing presentation skills so student can confidently and fluently tell the story of their accomplishments.

  • Career pathway accomplishments for a typical CRTC graduate, include:
  • Engaging in internships and job shadows with career professionals
  • Earning nationally recognized industry certificates and/or licensure
  • Completing numerous college courses (with transcripts)
  • Acquiring (with evidence) industry-ready practical skills
  • Demonstrating (with evidence) employability/work-ready soft skills
  • Attaining targeted, career-specific writing, presentation and math skills
  • Working in an entry-level position in the industry
  • Developing references and the beginnings of a professional network

A sense of accomplishment pervades our culture and is rooted in these college, career - and community - ready measures.  CRTC students ultimately complete high school with more than just a diploma: they graduate with a clear direction, a sense of purpose and an excitement about the road ahead. This is our niche at the CRTC, and it’s what separates us from the other opportunities available to high school students.   We invite you to come see for yourself.