In our Stagecraft program you will:

  • Develop the understanding and skills to fully engage in the four major aspects of Stagecraft: lighting, sound, scenic and props/costumes.
  • Leverage your artistic skills to design technical shows to enthrall audiences.
  • Gain the hands-on electrical, computer, painting, carpentry trade skills to be able to facilitate a production.
  • Operate sound and light boards, projectors, spotlights, microphones, stage lighting, rigging, and other professional tools related to stagecraft.
  • Train to be a theater technician and artist.
  • Render complex technical production elements, including light and sound, using CAD.
  • Practice stagecraft skills in many setting including in local auditoriums and theaters.


Acquiring Props, Basic Lighting, Sound, Set & Costume Design, Cable Names/Use/Storage for Lighting & Sound, Design and Procurement of Costumes, Hanging Lighting Focus, Recording & Mixing of Sound & Lights, Research Historical Periods, Safety Related to all Aspects, Set Construction and Rigging of Scenery, Sew and fit costumes, Stage Management, Striking of all production Elements, Theatre Terminology

Carpenter (Theatre), Costume, Lighting, Scenic, Sound or Video Designer, Crew, Electrician (Theatre), Production Managment, Property Master, Special Effects-Theatrical Technician, Stage Management, Technical Director, Wardrobe Supervisor

Stagecraft courses are prerequisites for all theater degrees. Per college partner expectations, we cannot finalize dual enrollment agreements (with major NH universities) until we successfully complete two full years of the program. 
To be determined

SUGGESTED PREREQUISITE COURSES: Full course load aligned to Preparing for a 4-year College

SUGGESTED SIMULTANEOUS COURSES: Physics, construction Trades, Electronics, Sewing, CAD, Drawing

CAREER HIGH VALUE SOFT SKILLS & ABILITIES: Effective communicator, Teamwork, Stamina, Fine motor skills, Problem solving, Accept feedback

Clint klose

Theater Arts

Experience: 1st year at CRTC.  Theatre experience: Director CHS Drama Club (6 years), Rundlett Middle School  theatre director (P.E.G.)(6 years), Beaver Meadow School (25 years), RB Productions (13 years); Accomplished sound and lighting designer.
Awards: 2010 Children And Youth Theatre Award (NH Theatre Awards Committee)

Education/Credentials: Westminster College (BFA), Certified Music K-12, Certified Theatre K-12 Other Interests: Cooking, Travel, Broadway