What You Can Learn:

Sound Design and Set Up // Lighting Design and Set Up // Costume Design including Sewing // Scenic Design and Set Up // Recording & Mixing of Sound & Lights // Social Media Promotion // Stage Management // Fundamentals of Acting in Film, Theater & Television // Basic Acting Techniques // Basic and Advanced Improv Skills // Monologues // Great Theatre Games

What You Can Become:
(with additional education and training)
Costume Designer // Lighting Designer // Lighting Programmer // Sound Designer // Set Designer //
Production Management // Special Effects Technician // Stage Manager // Technical Director // Film, Stage or Television Actor // Prop Master // Film Editor//Camera Grip

What You Can Earn:
3 College Credits in this Pathway // UNH Articulation Agreement (Tech & Design) // Recognition through
National and State Filmmaking Contests

Clint klose

Experience: 4th year at CRTC.  Theatre experience: Director CHS Drama Club (8 years), Rundlett Middle School  theatre director - P.E.G. (6 years), Beaver Meadow School (28 years), RB Productions (16 years); Accomplished sound and lighting designer. 

Awards: 2010 Children And Youth Theatre Award (NH Theatre Awards Committee),
2018 Award Winner Best Sound Design (New Hampshire Theatre Awards)

Education/Credentials: Westminster College (Bachelor of Music), Certified Music K-12, Certified Theatre K-12 Other Interests: Cooking, Travel, Broadway

As a Theater & Film student you will have the opportunity to develop your creative expression and technical skills in live performances and digital recorded media. This innovative program is designed for the new generation of storytellers, providing a hands-on, interactive approach to the craft of entertainment and performance.

Acting Pathway:
As an Acting student, you’ll learn professional stage and acting techniques while working with different types of scripts and settings. A major focus of the program involves students getting constant and specific feedback on their performances, in accordance with industry expectations. You’ll also learn script-writing techniques, and develop basic professional film editing skills (using Adobe Premiere Pro CC), that will enable you to build a college and career-ready portfolio.

Production and Design Pathway:
As a Production and Design student, you will learn the “behind the scenes” professional skills related to creating theater, film and digital media productions. Technical skills emphasized include: set design, digital audio and lighting, props and costuming. Students also develop core artistic and
management skills related to professional filmmaking (new in 2018/19), including lighting, sound and camera techniques, and use of video editing software (Adobe Premiere Pro CC).

Email: cklose@sau8.org

Theater & Film:
​A two strand program