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​Welcome From Director Steve Rothenberg

Dear All:

Happy summer.  We reported grades today and there are some questions on a very small handful of unique students.  :

MINIMUM CREDIT:   Students who did not receive at least a 2.5 performance score (out of 4) on EVERY "technical" competency do not receive credit.  They still receive a percentage grade if they completed their work.  

If a student does not meet minimum competency, a sending school's protocol may be to give them an INCOMPLETE or FAILURE.  We defer to the sending school as it is their decision.

MINIMUM PERCENTAGE:  CHS allows students who get a 60-70 to still earn credits.  Some sending schools have a 70 minimum.  In past, many sending schools respect our passing threshold and increase the grade artificially to earn credit.  In any case, the 2.5 min competency mostly removes this "older" factor.  

MINIMUM ATTENDANCE:  Students who did not meet our attendance requirements (including not taking the opportunity to make up for lost time) do not receive credit.  They do still receive a percentage grade if they have completed their work.  To earn credits, a student would need to meet minimum competency and attendance requirements.Type your paragraph here.

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